• Some tips for Your days

    The times indicate the total time spent in the car (according to Google maps)  round-trip from San Carlo.


    1)  Firenze: 1 day for monuments and places of interest + 1 day to visit some museums.

    2)  Certaldo – San Giminiano – Volterra (h. 2,15).

    3)  Cerreto Guidi – Vinci – San Miniato (min. 50).

    4)  Excursions and visits on Montalbano ( min. 50).

    5)  Colle Val d’Elsa – Monteriggioni – Siena (h. 2,50).

    6)  Shopping day of crafts, see "What to buy".

    7)  Empoli – Montelupo Fiorentino (min. 40).

    8)  Certaldo – San Giminiano – Palaia – San Miniato (h. 2,15).

    9)  Padule di Fucecchio, nature and bird watching (min. 50).

    10)   Vicopisano – Charterhouse of Pisa in Calci – Pisa (h.2,40).

    11)   Altopascio – Montecarlo – Lucca (h. 2,30)

    For more info see "Area Links"


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  • What to buy

    Of course you will be overwhelmed by the offer of souvenirs in places visited by mass tourism. Here we just want to indicate to you the opportunities that the area offers

    We are in a production area of Chianti DOCG but farms continuously enrich their products with innovative wines from grape variety compatible with the  terrain nature. Many of them also produce white wines and “Vin Santo”. You can to taste, often for a fee, and purchase.

    Remarkable and excellent the production of extra virgin olive oil, purchased directly from the makers or by the oil mills. 

    You can buy many handicraft products of high quality at reasonable prices directly in the factory:from pottery in Montelupo Fiorentino to leather clothing, shoes, handbags, leather goods in general.

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  • What to eat

       The clayey nature and aridity of the hilly lands has limited the crops to vineyards, olive trees and a bit of grain, the rest is wood.

       The only rich dish on our table is the Fiorentina beefsteak obtained from slaughter of animals of Chianina breed, the same used in the past working in the fields. Hung long and, considered the tonnage of these bovines (up to 1,700 kg!), a weight that is about 1300 gr., 3-4 cm thick, soft, juicy, has a unique taste. It is not cooking, very simple, which gives it flavor, in case preserves it, so any beefsteak outside of the above parameters can not be called "Fiorentina".

    For the rest, oil, bread, many vegetables and legumes, farmyard animals and game abound on our tables. The menus are rich of toasted bread and fried in lard polenta with chicken livers or game, bruschetta with fresh oil, various cold cuts.

        Few are the typical pastas except pappardelle with hare or Pici in Siena. Many are the soups: ribollita, panzanella, bean soup, pappa al pomodoro.

        The most common and traditional second courses present in many menus are: grilled pigeons, mixed roast, arista (pork loin), fagioli all’uccelletto (beans whit sage, sausages and tomato), stewed beef, tripe and various offals, hare and boar.

    Low voice, to justify my 100 kilos I must also mention specialties that can be tasted only at home: soprassata with traditional flavors (what is sold is just boiled pork), macaroni and rabbit sauce, spaghetti with olives and fresh oil, pasta and duck, mallegato (sausage of pig’s blood), fegatelli (meat and pork liver stewered in fennel flowers), grilled rabbit, papero (goose) in damp, sweet and sour cod with pine nuts and raisins…

      The products are almost all local and I like to emphasize that Tuscany was the first GMO-free European Region.

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  • For who is on holidays

    The offer is huge, every town and village in the district has its museums with   important or interesting works and some of them are real architectural gems. You will find same leaflets at home and we will be happy to assist you to make your days interesting.

       You will can wander from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from Medici villas to the Etruscan world.

       Florence is very easy to get from here without getting lost in traffic. By car you can park in half an hour under the central station or, better yet, leaving the car at Empoli, to get to the same place in 20 minutes by train  without the anxiety (and cost) of parking.

    For more info see "Area Links"

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  • For people working

    Our location and proximity to S.G.C. FI-PI-LI makes accessible in a short time (5 to 20 min) several industrial areas like the Leather District (Fucecchio, San Miniato, Santa Croce s / Arno, Castelfranco di Sotto), Mercatale Vinci Sovigliana, Capraia e Limite , Empoli and Montelupo Fiorentino.

    In addition to 10 minutes are the San Pietro Igneo Hospital of Fucecchio, the IRSOO-optics school of Vinci and the S. Giuseppe Hospital of Empoli.

    For business customers we offer discounts and special agreements with Companies for the price of the rooms and the possible dinner.

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San Carlo B&B

Location and opportunities of the area


The B & B  San Carlo is 5 minutes from the Empoli-ovest exit of freeway Firenze-Pisa-Livorno.


Follow road signs to Fucecchio / Cerreto Guidi. At the roundabout after the bridge over the Arno, take the 2nd exit, keep right and continue up to No. 81.




GPS Coordinates - N: 43.72742 E: 10.88631


Opportunity in the area:




Cerreto Guidi - 10 minutes


    * Villa Medici

    * Parish of St. Leonard

    * Historical Museum of hunting and of the country

    * Chapel of the Holy Trinity

    * Sanctuary of Santa Liberata


Vinci - 15 minutes


    * Leonardo da Vinci Museum and Castle of the Counts Guidi

    * Leonardo Library




Empoli - 10 minutes


    * Collegiate church of St. Andrea

    * Museum of the Collegiate: works by Filippo Lippi, Masolino by Panicale, Lorenzo Monaco, Jacopo Chimenti and many others.

    * Convent of the Augustinians

    * Museum of Glass




Fucecchio - 10 minutes


    * Museum with sections archaeological, historical and natural

    * Palace of the Podestà

    * Examples of civil architecture of the '500 and '700


Montelupo Fiorentino - 20 minutes


    * Ceramics Museum

    * Archaeological Museum

    * Contemporary Museum

    * Priory of San Lorenzo

    * Villa Medici “Ambrogiana “




Castelfiorentino - 20 minutes


    * Museum of St. Verdiana

    * Museum Benozzo Gozzoli

    * Numerous examples of medieval architecture


Certaldo - 35 minutes (15 to Castelfiorentino)


    * The upper part of the city reached by funicular, has preserved the medieval urbanistic plant with all its architectural gems.

    * Civic Museum - Praetorian Palace

    * Museum of Sacred Art

    * House of Boccaccio



San Gimignano - Patrimony of the humanity -  50 minutes (15 minutes from Certaldo)


    * Civic Museum

    * Diocesan Museum

    * Pharmacy of Santa Fina - Etruscan Museum and Gallery of Modern Art

    * Bird Museum

    * Peugeot Museum, the first of the historic brand outside France

    * Museum of Torture

    * Architecture: practically the whole town




Volterra - 1 hour 10 minutes (30 minutes from San Gimignano) Etruscan Museum Guarnacci


    * Art Gallery and Museum

    * Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

    * Palace Viti

    * Alabaster Ecomuseum

    * Cathedral

    * Baptistery of San Giovanni

    * Palace of the Priors

    * Walls of Etruscan origin

    * Medici Fortress (used as a jail is not open)

    * Roman Theatre

    * Many other churches, monasteries and even speakers in the area



Siena - 1 hour 20 minutes


    * Given the size of the offer, see a guide dedicated





Pisa - 50min by car. Idem da Empoli train (a train every 15 minutes on average)


    * Refer guide dedicated



Florence-30 minutes by car (parking in the station SMN) Idem train from Empoli (on average one train every 15 minutes)


    * Refer guide dedicated



Lucca - 50 minutes by car


    * Refer guide dedicated



Environmental tourism


Padule di Fucecchio - 15 minutes


    * It is the largest inland marsh Italian, about 1800 hectares. It provides a monitoring wildlife and naturalistic, historic and environmental tours to do on foot, by car or mountain



Montalbano - From 15 minutes


    * Various marked hiking trails

    * Many villas of the Renaissance up to 800

    * Castles, walled villages, Ancient market places

    * Small Etruscan museum with prized pieces under Villa Medici in Artimino.



Wine and food Tourism


In and around the town of Cerreto Guidi


     Many farms offer the opportunity to buy their products. Booked and paid for also offer a simple tasting. Main products are:

- Wine (Chianti DOCG, Rosso Toscano IGT, Bianco DOC)

- Vin Santo

- Extra-virgin olive oil (Only of pressing without other manipulations you can also buy it directly from the oil mills)

   The local cuisine deserves some more thought given the reputation it enjoys worldwide.      Who is writing has collected and tried many recipes handed down for generations, many of which are unknown to most.

   Our cuisine is simple but tasty, so we have the unsalted bread, which has always followed the seasons and reproductive periods of farmyard animals. The more ... "fat" coincides with the year-end festivities when when the pig is butchered, in winter the rabbit little reproduces him therefore it has eaten more frequently during warm periods and that's fine, given the thinness of his flesh, then there is the chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, game ...

        It will be our care to give to our guests the possibility to taste these dishes suggesting them good restaurants and eating houses or cooking at home a traditional supper.

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